Zygos Monastery / Fragokastro

The name "Fragokastro" as is hitherto known, when he took a Frankish ruler was installed in the castle of Libra with the soldiers, who dashed from there ravaged Mount Athos. Without intervention by the Pope of Rome in 1211 was evicted from the area. The first known reference to the peninsula of Athos, from document 942. Basic clerical benchmark in the region, but did not specify whether it was a place, a village in the monastery. The 958 Saint Athanasios Athonite began there the practice of submitting to Athoniki elder hermit in the region. The monastery was formally appears to have been founded in 996, was dedicated to the Prophet Elijah. Although during the 11th century was a major monastic monasteries, 1199 had already deserted, and given as a dependency of the Emperor Alexius III, to Chelandar. It is the only example of a great monastery of Mount Athos can not study without the subsequent construction phases. The area inside the walls is 5.5 acres and walls reinforced with towers 11 ....... The ruins of the monastery Scales is located in Ouranoupoli, 40 meters away from the border of Mount Athos, and visitors can admire remarkable findings.

Excavated remains

the three lead seals of the 11th century, a silver gilt medal inscribed with counsel of Holy Friday, a very small sfrangida sketch of the Archangel, pieces of mosaic glass glazing, copper needles and thimbles, knives, coins of the 11th and 12th centuries, ceramic and glass vases